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Adding NIFI 1.7.1 service to HDP 2.4


Adding NIFI 1.7.1 service to HDP 2.4

New Contributor

I want to add NIFI 1.7.1 service to HDP 2.4 when I try to add service it shows default NIFI version i.e., 1.1. How would I add 1.7.1 version, does anyone know?

Thank you


Re: Adding NIFI 1.7.1 service to HDP 2.4

Expert Contributor

@Muhammad Fahad If you get the latest NiFi Management Pack for HDP, you should be able to get NiFi 1.50 even if it says 1.1.

You can also just install 1.7.1 manually.

In order to get 1.7.1 with HDP 2.4 from Ambari you will probably have to make your own management pack. You would download it, unpack, go into the unpacked folder, find nifi, search for version, update, repack, install, etc. A very tedious task but not impossible. You may experience issues installing. This will require uninstalling mpack, addressing issue, reinstalling adjusted mpack, attempting re-install, repeat.