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Adding a new zookeer node

New Contributor

First of all let me apologize as I inherited a very old cloudera (no gui) installation

that is running:

Hbase Version 0.94.15-cdh4.7.0
Hadoop Version 2.0.0-cdh4.3.0
Oozie server build version: 3.3.2-cdh4.3.0
Hue 2.5.0
Hive 0.10


I'm in the process of trying to get authorization to get a new BDA apliance to migrate our stuff into , but in the meantime need to work with what I have. 



We had 3 zookeepers in our quorum and one has now failed a dreadful death (motherboard). Trying to find docs for adding a new node from commandline but having a hard time. Can you please help so I can get back to a healthy quorum with odd numbers?  


would really appreciate it.



Master Guru
Adding a new/replacement ZooKeeper Quorum Peer will require you to (roughly, and with downtime involved for simplicity):

- Stop ZooKeeper service across all hosts
- Install the ZooKeeper packages of the same/similar version as the rest of the peers, on the new host.
- Reconfigure all ZooKeeper hosts' /etc/zookeeper/conf/zoo.cfg to replace and point at the new member hostname (if there is a change)
- Create an appropriate myid file under the ZK storage directory (typically /var/lib/zookeeper/myid) that matches the ID specified in the config file from the previous step
- Restart ZooKeeper service on all hosts


Awesome...this is a great start. 

   thanks a bunch

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