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Adding another Namenode to HDP HA Cluster

Adding another Namenode to HDP HA Cluster

New Contributor

I have HDP3 High Availability enabled on the cluster. I have tested it and everything seems to be fine.


Now, I have to add another namenode, which makes this setup from NN1, NN2 to NN1, NN2, NN3. If we look at the steps that are needed from Apache documentation as :


or from:

  2. and particularly followed, Step 7 for new namenode

I change configurations as


dfs.ha.namenodes.mycluster  -> nn1,nn2,nn3

dfs.namenode.http-address.mycluster.nn3 --> vmhdpmaster003:50070
dfs.namenode.https-address.mycluster.nn3 --> vmhdpmaster003:50470
dfs.namenode.rpc-address.mycluster.nn3 --> vmhdpmaster003:8020
dfs.namenode.shared.edits.dir  qjournal://vmhdpmaster003:8485;vmhdpmaster001:8485;vmhdpmaster002:8485/mycluster
After applying the changes., I don't see nn3 added as another namenode.
So then I tried, 
su -l hdfs -c "hdfs namenode -bootstrapStandby -force"

I am getting an error like nn/ is able to get ticket, because there is no keytab file at /etc/security/keytabs. My cluster is configured with AD integration.


Please help me how to create this missing keytab. Why ambari does not create a keytab itself? Is there a way to generate keytabs for service accounts via curl for ambari?

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