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Adding drive space on Datanode..


Hi All,


I need your help to understand the standard procedure of adding drive space to datanode.For example we have five data node .One of our datanode we have less space.


datanode2 - /data/sbc1 has 400 MB only which should be 100 GB.


What is the Cloudera standard process to add this space ? Do we need to decommissioned the node ? Is there some other steps of block setting that we need to follow??


Please help.




Mantu Kumar Deka


Master Collaborator
If you want to add a new drive, stop the node (dont decommision - just enter maintenance) and add the drive, reconfigure the DN (with the new path) and that's it. The HDFS will be during this time in a little stress, that some of the data blocks are under replicated, but after the DN starts up, it will be ok again.

Dear Tomas79,

Thanks for you response.

We have allocated more space on /data/sdc1 , we have increased the space from 477MB to 100 GB. We did not put it on maintenance mode.Just added without stopping any services..

Now the result is we are unable to start that data node.It came up for a while and than went down.

We have restarted Namenode , check the configuration directory , re balance it.. NO LUCK.

We are unable to make it up. But the region server on that particular node is running fine.

Can you please help us on it.

Master Collaborator
Check the DN logs for any errors/issue.