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Adding fresh node in Cloudera using CM

New Contributor

Hi all,   We have a 4 node cluster at Production site. We need to add a fresh node to the cluster and set the Solr into it.  The problem is of internet connectivity, where customers are not ready to provide the same.  Is there any other way to add the node into the cluster using cloudera manager and set up Solr or any other tool like Hive, PIG etc, without internet connection?  Nodes are in the same rack, so no problem with the SSH.   Can someone please help us in this regards? -Pranav



Internet connectivity is only needed to download packages or parcels.  If you have them on the CM host already, you do if you installed other hosts previously.  Go to the cluster page > Hosts > Add New Hosts to Cluster (top right button).  Run through the wizard and viola!


Have you encountered an issue in doing this?