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Adding jars to spark lib


I have a few external jars such as elasticsearch-spark_2.10-2.4.0.jar. Currently I use --jars option to load it for spark-shell. Is there a way to get this or other jars to load with spark for my cluster? I see through Ambari there is the spark-defaults but was wondering if I could just copy X.jar to /usr/hdp<Ver>/spark/lib and it would get picked up.

A side question somewhat related, its in the same command line, is I use the following: "--packages com.databricks:spark-avro_2.10:2.0.1". I notice the first time this is done, spark goes out and grabs the jars like maven would. But I could not find these and wonder if I need this argument as well or can I get databrick libs installed permanently as with elasticsearch?

Thanks, Mike


Cloudera Employee

@Mike Krauss Did you try running using, spark-shell --master yarn --conf "spark.executor.extraClassPath=/usr/hdp/current/soark/lib/test.jar" --conf "spark.driver.extraClassPath=//usr/hdp/current/soark/lib/test.jar" . If this works you add these from ambari in custom spark-default

New Contributor


Hi, Currently i am using particular jar as follow : spark-shell --jars abc.jar,

now i am trying build jar out my code, what is the way to add this jar (abc.jar)