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Adding new host(VM) to cluster failed

Adding new host(VM) to cluster failed

I want to add new host running CentOS 7 on vm in windows to cluster. I was able to ssh without any password as 'root' from server to vm and from vm to server.

The following error occurs while Running setup agent script... to add new host from ambari

INFO:root:BootStrapping hosts [''] using /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ambari_server cluster primary OS: redhat7 with user 'root'with ssh Port '5555' sshKey File /var/run/ambari-server/bootstrap/1/sshKey password File null using tmp dir /var/run/ambari-server/bootstrap/1 ambari: yy.yy.yyy; server_port: 8080; ambari version:; user_run_as: root

Bootstrap to host fails because previous action finished with non-zero exit code 255


Re: Adding new host(VM) to cluster failed

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@naveen r

Please post the complete message. Above is just selected output posted.

Also if you are finding any issue with Amabri Agent installation & Host Registration via ambari UI then you can also install ambari agents in Manual mode in which you doe not need to setup any passwordless SSH between ambari server to agent machines.

If you still face any issue then please share the complete output which you got in the ambari UI and also the Ambari-Agent log

Re: Adding new host(VM) to cluster failed


try to manually ssh between the ambari host and new host using the private/public key pair via terminal, in some cases a first time connection needs to be established to add the host to the known hosts file