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Adding new users to Apache kylin and odbc driver


Hi All,


I want to know how to add new users to Apache Klyin, i am using Kylin 3.0 version . 


I want to integrate kylin with Bi tools and i want to download ODBC driver. Can some one suggest me where to download odbc driver for kylin . 




New Contributor

Q: How to add new users to Apache Kylin?

A: By default, Kylin provides several pre-defined users for demo purpose. If you want flexible user management, you can manage users in LDAP and integrate with Kylin. See


Q: Where to find ODBC Driver for Apache Kylin?
A: The community has removed binary download from website, see this announcement: If you don't want to build by yourself, you can check the download from vendors like Kyligence. See


I am getting below error , while using  kyligence provided driver. WhatsApp Image 2020-03-09 at 09.52.52.jpeg

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