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Adoption of MR2 for production enviroment


Adoption of MR2 for production enviroment

New Contributor


I wanted to know how is the adoption of MR2 with the community.

Is there any of us who is using it in production or planning for the same.

If so, please share your experience regarding cluster design and mainteneance with MR1 Vs MR2.





Re: Adoption of MR2 for production enviroment

Master Guru
I'd advise against it (until CDH5 GA arrives next year) unless you have a pressing need to develop custom YARN based apps.

While we do have certain customers using YARN, their primary purpose is to have YARN's generic app running capabilities available, rather than just needing MR2. Supportability wise, in CDH4, I'd advise sticking to the more familiar Apache Hadoop 1.x based MR1.