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After establishing the Mysql connectivity, we lost the cloudera manager console

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We are using 5.8.0 version cluster. 2 days ago, we have encrypted our filesystem(GDE). Our cluster is hosted at IBM softlayer. 

Our cloudera manager DB(sc,nav,navfs,..etc) is not embedded one, we are using mysql server separately


Even that server has been encrypted. We have restarted the server after encryption. It was working fine for 4 hours. After the cloudera manager crashes, we are not able to get the GUI of the cloudera manager. We found that mysql service has been down. We make the services up with in an hour.


After restarting the mysql service, we are getting the GUI page as fresh installation, but we can see the currently managed hosts are still there.


But we are not able to pass any command related to hadoop, hbase etc.


Getting unrecognizable service error


Anyone can comment, why this is happening.?

Can we retrieve whole data in hdfs?

Please provide a solution


Super Guru

Hello @Breeze,


If you are seeing seeing the Installation Wizard after authenticating to Cloudera Manager, that means that the database it is using does not have any existing cluster or data in it.  In that case, mysql is not using the same database or Cloudera Manager is configured to use a different server than you want.



/etc/cloudera-scm-server/ to make sure it is correct


If that is correct, then make sure mysql is using the data directory you expect or that some sort of roll-back of previous changes didn't occur.


Please post a screen shot of the page you see when you log into Cloudera Manager, though, so we can confirm what you describe.





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