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After kerberized cluster all quick links return 401

New Contributor

I am trying setup HDP 3.0.1 with Ambari 2.7

After kerberize cluster in all UI like namenodeUi, yarn ui

i get 401



@Marek Solarski

This is expected behavior since most of the service's UIs require Kerberos authentication. See on details about configuring your web browser to send a requested Kerberos token. You will also need to configure your workstation so you can authenticate with a KDC and establish a Kerberos ticket cache so your browser will be able to find needed information. This is platform- and site-specific, so you may need help from your system administrator to get it all working. Or maybe with some details, I can help guide you.

Expert Contributor

Hi, @Marek Solarski

As the service UI requires kerberos authentication, you need to have a valid ticket on your laptop to access these kerberised views. Please follow the instruction in this link which explain how to enable your laptop and browser for kerberos authentication.

Hope this helps! Thanks.

New Contributor

Ok, Thats clear.

I facing few issue:

1. Kerberos used by cluster is different one than laptops use (in laptops is different ticket)

2. Using kerberos ticket in browsers is complicated to the end users.

I wonder if there is option to authenticate in ambari and then use this authenticate in quicklinks, or any other authenticate way than using kerberos ticket on quciklinks.