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Aggregate resource allocation information

Aggregate resource allocation information

New Contributor

I am able to get aggregate usage information for a given application using yarn CLI:

[yarn@c14-1 ~]$ yarn application -status application_1477415253067_0001


Aggregate Resource Allocation : 1656349 MB-seconds, 755 vcore-seconds


I would like to get the same information using the REST API but the aggregated resource allocation is missing in the response:

[root@node1 ~]# http localhost:8188/ws/v1/applicationhistory/apps/application_1477415253067_0001

{ "allocatedCpuVcores": 0, "allocatedMemoryMB": 0, "appId": "application_1477415253067_0001", "appState": "FINISHED", "currentAppAttemptId": "appattempt_1477415253067_0001_000001", "diagnosticsInfo": "", "elapsedTime": 45252, "finalAppStatus": "SUCCEEDED", "finishedTime": 1477415872877, "host": "node2", "name": "TeraGen", "originalTrackingUrl": "http://node1:19888/jobhistory/job/job_1477415253067_0001", "progress": 100.0, "queue": "default", "rpcPort": 60515, "runningContainers": 0, "startedTime": 1477415827625, "submittedTime": 1477415827625, "trackingUrl": "http://node1:8088/proxy/application_1477415253067_0001/", "type": "MAPREDUCE", "user": "test112" }

Most of the info is available in the JSON response, but not the aggregated resource information and the allocatedCpuVcores and allocatedMemoryMB are reported as 0.

I am running HDP 2.4.2.