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Alerting on Long Running Hive Jobs.

Alerting on Long Running Hive Jobs.

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I want to alert users via email, when the Hive Query(job) which they have submitted consumed beyond a certain amount of time and resources in the cluster. So can I do this with Ambari Alert email configuration or is there any tools available in HortonWorks Dist. to do the same.




Re: Alerting on Long Running Hive Jobs.


@Mohammed Ashik , You can find out list of application using command.

"yarn application -list -appStates ALL"

Run this command for every 5 or x minutes and keep appending with time stamp to one file.Once you have data , write a script to find a unique application id and time stamp against it. And find last time stamp against same application id. ( Last time stamp - first time stamp ) per application id will give you running time for application. You can do different type of reporting against this data based on your requirement like

"jobs running longer than > 60 minutes."