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Alerts IN Ambari Sandbox[Pls view Attachment]

Alerts IN Ambari Sandbox[Pls view Attachment]

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HI ,

I am using HDP sandbox for the first time.. but while opening sandbox as a developer i am getting 27 alerts many of which are in HDFS,YARN,MAP REDUCED , HIVE etc.. Alert window shows mostly as "connection failed to sandbox" .. i have checked the ambari server and agent both are up and running .. version is compatable.. I have attached the screenshots regarding the issue..pls help me out to fix this issue..







Re: Alerts IN Ambari Sandbox[Pls view Attachment]

@Karan_2111   These alerts are indicating that each of the services are not running.   You should try to start HDFS First, then begin to start the rest.   It is likely that your environment running the sandbox does not have enough ram to run the entire stack of services. If you have less than 8gb available to the VM, consider increasing it to 8 or  16gb.


In my experience the sandbox on a 8gb Mac is barely operational with all services running.  I usually install my own cluster with just the services I want (not via sandbox).     



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