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All the executors on clusters are not running


All the executors on clusters are not running

New Contributor


  I have a lab environment of cdh5 with 6 nodes-node[1-6] and node7 as the nameNode. 

node[1-5]: 8gb ram, 2 cores

node[6]: 32gb ram, 8 cores

I am new to spark and I am trying to simply count the number of lines in our data. I have uploaded the data on hdfs (5.3GB).

When I submit my spark job, it only runs 2 executors and I can see its splitting the task into 161 task (there are 161 files in the dir).


In the code,  I am reading all the files and doing the count on them.

data_raw = sc.textFile(path)
print data_raw.count()


On CLI: spark-submit --master yarn-client --num-executors 6 --executor-cores 1


It should run with 6 executors with 1 task running on them. But I only see 2 executors running. I am not able to figure the cause for it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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