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Allow users to create Hive external tables but not Hive managed tables with Ranger


Is it possible to allow users to create Hive managed tables on top of existing data in their user directories but then prevent them from creating Hive managed tables? This is specific to Ranger 0.5.0. From reading this seems like it might be achievable with Ranger 0.6.0 and deny policies but I'm looking for a 0.5.0 approach. If that isn't possible feedback on if the deny policies would make this possible would also be helpful.


Hi @Jeremy Dyer, you can try to create an external Hive database (giving LOCATION), and give users permissions only to that database. Though I've never tried it and don't know how well it will work.

@Jeremy Dyer Are you also using managed tables, and just want to prevent certain users from creating them? Or is your intention to only use external tables?