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Ambari 2.2.0 HDFS H-A wizard bug

New Contributor

Hi guys,

I just started my HDFS H-A enabling using Ambari 2.2.0 wizard but I just realized a bug and I don't know if it has been patched in new versions.

The fact is, when you choose ID at "Get started" step, it's only taken in account the first time.

I explain, the first time I chosen a first ID and went through the steps until review step to check HDFS configuration. But if you try at this step to go back to "Get started" and then change the ID, it won't change the HDFS configuration on review tab.

Is it just a bug on ambari web interface and everything configure well or is it patched in next versions ?

Below a picture for illustrating, you can see that it's named hadoopup but i go back to "get started" and changed the ID to hadoopup2, so the change isn't applied until you close and restart the wizard.



Cloudera Employee

Hi @Florian SILVA

Yes, same issue I see with latest Ambari release.

I have created an internal bug report to follow up on this. Thanks for bringing this up.

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