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Ambari 2.4 - Issues starting the server

Ambari 2.4 - Issues starting the server

Hello everyone!

I am preparing a cluster using Ambari 2.4 to deploy HDP 2.5. The operating system of all nodes is Centos 7. I have found the same issue that has been notified here and it has been fixed hacking the /etc/init.d/ambari-server script, which is broken for (at least) Centos 7 machines. After that change the ambari server is able to start and stop properly.

Now I am trying to add services CASSANDRA and ELASTICSEARCH, following the instructions, which are basically clone the repository in:

/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/stacks/HDP/<version, in my case 2.5>/services/<CASSANDRA | ELASTICSEARCH>

But after doing this, Ambari server is not capable of start properly. The service starts successfully either with 'sudo ambari-server start' or 'sudo systemctl start ambari-server', but after few seconds the process dies and the server is, as expected then, unreachable.

When I check the /var/log/ambari-server/ambari/server.log there is no clear error(s) (to me), yet the server dies.

Anyone could provide some insight here? Have you successfully added these services in Ambari 2.4? How?


Re: Ambari 2.4 - Issues starting the server

So as far as I can see here, this issue only happens if I directly clone the git repo to the desired location. If I clone the repo in any other directory then copy the content, there are no issues. Any idea why this happens?