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Ambari 2.7.3 / HDP 3.1.0 -- Does Ambari Re-enable Repos on Startup by Design?


We're running Ambari version and HDP 3.1.0. in a client's environment. We want to disable the repo define in /etc/yum.repos.d/ambari-hdp-1.repo as there are strict requirements on which repos are enabled vs disabled in the environment. We noticed that if we try to disable there repo it will be re-enabled on startup of the HDP components. Also if we remove the file it just gets written back. Can you provide some background on this behavior? Is this by design?


I noticed I can blank out the repos from Ambari > Stacks and Versions > Versions > Show Details Link > Select Edit button. From there I just deleted the repos in the list and clicked the Skip Repository Base URL validation. Now I can see the base url is blank in the repo file but the repo is still enabled. However yum update will still list errors and we would like to avoid these errors if possible. Can the re-enabling of the repo feature be disabled somehow? Any suggestions on much appreciated, ty!