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Ambari Blueprints: HA cluster on HDP-2.6

Ambari Blueprints: HA cluster on HDP-2.6


Is there any difference between the way High availability is configured between HDP-2.4 and 2.6 using blueprints? I tried setting up HA cluster with exact same JSON files as mentioned in this blog Automate HDP installation using Ambari Blueprints – Part 3

for HDP-2.6 and 2.4 just by changing the stack version. It worked for 2.4 but seems to have issues for 2.6 during zookeeper install. Can anyone point me to the right place for setting up HA cluster on HDP-2.6 using blueprints?


Re: Ambari Blueprints: HA cluster on HDP-2.6

Expert Contributor

@Swaapnika Guntaka, The blueprint itself works fine with 2.6. You will have to update the versions of Ambari and the HDP repositories to deploy it on 2.6. It is not sufficient to just change the stack version in the blueprint.