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Ambari Hive View queries either failing or slow

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Queries written on Ambari Hive view either failing or working in a slow fashion. What all configurations should be tuned to improve the performance? Error logs just point out to Connection Timeout.


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@Neha Nirmal

1. What is the version of ambari ?

2. Which view are you using HiveView 1.5 or Hive View 2.0?

3. What is the number of concurrent users that are accessing the view at a time?

4. Using hive cli or Beeline how much time the same query execution takes?

5. Can you please share the "ambari-server.log" along with the View logs. Or the complete exception trace.

6. Do you see that the Ambari UI is also slow or only the View loading is slow?

7. View Loading is slow or the Query execution inside the hive view is slow?

8. It will be also good to check if the ambari server has enough resources ... of if any ambari server tuning like "Thread Pool Tuning" or the "Memory Tuning needed" .

I have written an article on Amabri Server tuning sometimes back ... that might help in tuning the ambari server:



1. Version 2.6

2. Hive 1.5

3. 5-6 concurrent users only for now

4. Using Beeline query execution works at normal speed

5. Error is intermittent, but performance is bad most of the times

6. Both load fine

7. Query Execution is slow

This server is a standalone Ambari server. Please assist in standard configurational changes that should be made?

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@Neha Nirmal

As you mentioned that you are also observing some "Error is intermittent," Can you please share the complete stack Trace of those errors?

Also what is the size of Standalone Ambari Server which is responding slow?

Also as you mentioned that the Query Execution is slow, then can you please share the Standalone Ambari View server Thread dump as that will give some idea on exactly where it is slow. The thread dumps should be collected when you notice slow query execution.


do you have any update. I am facing the same problem. @Neha Nirmal