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Ambari LDAP sync --users filename.txt --groups filename.txt

Hi, I am trying to integrate LDAP with Ambari, and when I configure LDAP and do ambari-server sync-ldap --all , only group is getting imported, but not the users. I am not getting any error. What could be possible reasons?

I am also trying the second option to sync LDAP using command ambari-server sync-ldap --users users.txt --groups groups.txt, but I am not sure how to mention Names in users and groups in .txt files.

For Example my name is Aks Pat belonging to group ssd_abc in LDAP, how to mention name and group in user.txt and group.txt files. I am always getting error message that Couldn't sync LDAP user Aks Pat, it doesn't exist

Request to provide one example for syncing LDAP using ambari-server sync-ldap --users users.txt --groups groups.txt command


@Akash S

Then names in the users.txt should be same as your LDAP/AD id which you use to login into your edgenode or machines.

Example in users.txt as below:


Example in groups.txt as below:


For users not getting synced, please check the LDAP filters which you have configured while you have done ambari-server setup-ldap. Link

For Even you can use below article for automating it or sync the users with curl command:

Hope this helps you.

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