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Ambari REST API metrics missing?

Ambari REST API metrics missing?

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We've got an HDP cluster running and I'm setting up monitoring for it in an external environment. Something that tends to happen more often then we'd like to admit is a NIFI queue filling up because there's a processor backup up somewhere.

I know that Ambari Metrics has this information because I can see it in the web interface. However, I'd like to extract his information through the REST-API but I can't seem to find it.

https://ambarimachine/api/v1/clusters/Cluster1/services/NIFI/components/NIFI_MASTER has all the metrics for the JVM. but it doesn't have any NIFI specific metrics as can be seen here.

They info that I'm after is defined in the metrics.json file. The only difference between the two that I can spot is that the JVM metrics' metricName are all prefixed with "jvm.".

Any clues as to where I could start looking for my missing metrics? :-)