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Ambari Server Impact


Probably a noob query!

I wanted to know if there was any real impact on a functioning cluster if the ambari-server service is stopped. Say for example all the services like Yarn, HBase, etc are running and there are multiple jobs based of spark or flink running on the cluster and the ambari-server is stopped.

Other than the cluster monitoring not a possibility, does it really affect the execution of Flink/Spark jobs or the ability to access data from HDFS or HBase?



@Eby T

Stopping the Ambari server wont effect the other service like HDFS,Zookeeper etc provided you used the CLI, the other components and the daemons are independent and will continue to run in the background what you only lose is the Visual view of the cluster status ,running the below java command

$ jps

will show the major components runing evenif Ambari is down

$ ambari-server stop/start

The Ambari server role is management and deployment of the cluster,

  • Provision a Hadoop Cluster
    • Ambari provides a step-by-step wizard for installing Hadoop services across any number of hosts.
    • Ambari handles configuration of Hadoop services for the cluster.
  • Manage a Hadoop Cluster
    • Ambari provides central management for starting, stopping, and reconfiguring Hadoop services across the entire cluster.
  • Monitor a Hadoop Cluster
    • Ambari provides a dashboard for monitoring health and status of the Hadoop cluster.
    • Ambari leverages Ambari Metrics System for metrics collection.
    • Ambari leverages Ambari Alert Framework for system alerting and will notify you when your attention is needed (e.g., a node goes down, remaining disk space is low, etc).
  • Ambari enables Application Developers and System Integrators to:
    • Easily integrate Hadoop provisioning, management, and monitoring capabilities to their own applications with the Ambari REST APIs.


Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for your answer.

So there's no issue if the agents are unable to report their status to the server? I was wondering if the nodes would be out of sync somehow since it's unable to communicate with the server and ingorm it's alive.


@Eby T

The ambari-agent sends heart beat to the Ambari-server.

Since ambari-server is down it wont mark those nodes as DEAD but the reporting/pinging will resume once ambari server is back on-line


@Eby T

Any updates?

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