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Ambari URL is not loading

Ambari URL is not loading

I installed Sandbox(HDP 2.3.2 virtual box.ova) on Yosemite MACos and virtual box 5.0.10. It doesn't seem to come up on 127.0.01:8080 as per documentation. screen-shot-2015-12-18-at-40845-pm.png. I saw some warnings related to linux permissions while initialization of the appliance's servers. screen-shot-2015-12-18-at-40623-pm.png. Any guidance will help...



Re: Ambari URL is not loading

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@Manoj Ramakrishnan - Please run below commands

service ambari-server status

check if Ambari server daemon is running or not, if not then use below command to start it

service ambari-server start

Re: Ambari URL is not loading


do you see any errors in the ambari server log file - /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log

Re: Ambari URL is not loading

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Where we can find this error

Re: Ambari URL is not loading

@Manoj Ramakrishnan

When you start the sandbox VM, it may not start on localhost. If you see the below screenshot mine is starting on So I would need to go to to get Ambari to resolve.

If yours is saying, please try hitting and see if the web sign in page solves at least?


Re: Ambari URL is not loading


@Manoj Ramakrishnan are you still having issues with this? Can you accept best answer or provide your own solution?

Re: Ambari URL is not loading

Please check following things.

1) Firewall is running, if yes then stop it:- service iptables stop

and flush the rules with iptables -F command.

2) check service is running. If no then start the ambari-server servicewith command :- ambari-server start

3)selinux status

Are you trying to access the page out of sandbox?

if yes then please check port 8080 is open and are you able to ping the machine.

Re: Ambari URL is not loading


I feel your your sandbox is not having on so can you please check it first via below command

$ ifconfig

and then check ambari server status via below command

$ service ambari-server status

and if it is not running then start or restart it

$ service ambari-server start or

$ service ambari-server restart

and now you try to open ambari web ui


Re: Ambari URL is not loading

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That was really helpful! Thank you!

Re: Ambari URL is not loading

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Recently I have install sandbox in my laptop .. Everything is working expect amabri page...when Im giving localhost:8080 it not loading page its just blank page as attached ....its asking username and password ...after giving nothing poping up..all popup is enabled ..