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Ambari Usersync from Unix

Ambari Usersync from Unix


I tried setting LDAPS users and groups for Ambari User Management. It successfully fetched users and groups mentioned in the users.txt and groups.txt. But it didn't mapped the users in Groups and got Groups with 0 members (SAME CASE HAPPENED WITH RANGER USERSYNC ALSO). In, I have authentication.ldap.groupMembershipAttr=member. In LDAPS/AD, the member attribute contains users DN type string (, ou=People, instead of just uid.

Since the above is not giving me the expected mapping for Users within Group, than I started looking for how users and groups can be fetched from Unix source instead of LDAPS (The same which I did with Ranger Usersync and successfull).

Please help me to fetch users and Groups from Unix source (/etc/groups) and map users within group on Ambari user management.


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