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Ambari Web UI for Ranger on GCP Dataproc managed Hadoop?

New Contributor

Can Ambari be installed on a GCP Dataproc master node (I have setup the Ambari server on the master node VM thouugh) and control the slave nodes on GCP Daraproc - managed hadoop environment?

If so, is there any guidance/ tutorial available on installation, firewalls, APIs?

I am currently wondering about the feasibility of doing this and having issue with SSH and opening the Ambari Web UI from local machine's browser/ Google cloud shell (preview port 8080 from root not from ambari-server right now, which might be the problem) to control the Dataproc master node....

My ultimate goal is to set up Ranger on DataProc Hive using Amabari which is installed on the Dataproc.

Thank you!


New Contributor

@Jessie Gao How did you install Ambari on DataProc?

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