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Ambari Welcome page

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Hi all - I'm following the 'Learning the Ropes' tutorial and I'm able to login to Ambari - but the welcome screen shown in step 2.3 won't display. It looks like it's found but then redirects to the Dashboard metrics page. Not a huge deal but I'd like to be able to use some of the basic functions on the Welcome page (Operate cluster, manage users, deploy views, etc.).

Was the welcome page removed or is there possibly some config error on my end? Default installation using Oracle VirtualBox. Thanks!


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@Chris H the answer provided by @kvarakantham is good. You can also go back to your welcome page by using port 8888 instead of 8080. can you please try that?

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You must login as 'admin' in order to see that page.

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Above answers are correct, but only if you log in as "admin".

I thought the instructions said to log in as "maria_dev", so could not find the welcome page then.


When we find documentation errors in the tutorial, is there a way to file an issue or provide patch?

In this case:

Proposed change: "Enter the Manage Ambari URL and then you should see a similar screen"


When I finally got to the end of the tutorial, I found the instructions on how to file an issue! for posterity:

The instructions are poorly written. Someone else pointed out, the "Ambari Welcome Page" URL is the one provided for "Managing Ambari." That URL is:

When I enter this directly into the browser address bar, the Ambari Welcome Page is seen briefly, but then the Ambari dashboard loads. The only way I could get to that page was by logging in as Admin, and going to the dashboard. Then, going to the pulldown under Admin, chose "Manage Ambari" which took me to the Ambari Welcome Page. And it has the same URL as the one given above; I cannot explain why it works this way and not the other.

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Hi @Terry Mitchell,

I had the same problem then I solved it with your answer, thanks. My problem was about the version in the given url, maybe your version also different than and thats why you cant see the welcome page by pasting url into browser directly.