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Ambari agent abort abnormally

Ambari agent abort abnormally

New Contributor

I installed ambari and HDP 2.4, the ambari agent will abort abnormally. The ambari agent can be restart success by command ambari-agent restart, but after a while it will abort again. Check the ambari agent status:

# ambari-agent status

Found ambari-agent PID: 73289

ambari-agent not running. Stale PID File at: /var/run/ambari-agent/

I cannot see any error or warning in ambari agent log file (/var/log/ambari-agent/ambari-agent.log).

I want know why this happen and how to avoid it, thanks.


Re: Ambari agent abort abnormally

Can you try to stop ambari-agent, remove all files in /var/run/ambari-agent, and start ambari-agent again. Sometimes Ambari errs while managing pid files.

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