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Ambari asking for LDAP Password for Alerts

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My Ambari is not tied to LDAP and my HDP version is 2.6.

Under HIVE Config I see the following alert "LDAP password for Alerts" , Please refer to the screenshot:


I am really not sure what password I am supposed provide here.

Please advise.


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@Kumar Veerappan

You will need to provide a LDAP user which ambari alerting system can use for hive thrift alerts.
Hive authentication type LDAP requires valid LDAP credentials for the alert. Means it needs to be set only when you have the "hive.server2.authentication" set to LDAP inside

Ambari UI --> HIve --> Configs --> Setting page (HiveServer2 Authentication dropdown)

Give username & passord of a valid LDAP user. This is user for alert checks like.



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@Kumar Veerappan

If you have enabled LDAP authentication for Hive service, you would need to set "LDAP user for Alerts" and "LDAP password for Alerts" under Advanced hive-env configs in ambari.

User and password should be a valid LDAP account, this is required so that Ambari can validate the hive service when LDAP authentication is enabled on Hive service. Without these user/password ambari will not be able to connect to hive service to validate the services and will show the alert on Hive service.

This was implemented in Ambari 2.5.0 to fix the Hive Ambari alert bug

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@rguruvannagari @Jay Kumar SenSharma In my environment hiveserver 2 authentication is Kerberos and not LDAP.

Anyways I just typed some word( as dummy password) in both the text boxes and restarted the hive service and it does not complain

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