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Ambari hdfs service check failed

I am running a HDP 2.4 sandbox from within a Azure VM. From the Ambari files view I noticed that the hdfs service check failed.

Service 'hdfs' check failed:
org.apache.ambari.view.utils.hdfs.HdfsApiException: HDFS040 Couldn't open connection to HDFS



earlier, I ran from command line as the user maria_dev that seemed to say hdfs was ok.

hdfs fsck /


The filesystem under path '/' is HEALTHY

Any recommendations. Perhaps this is just exposing a port I'm not aware of Ambari or hdfs trying to leverage.

Do you have any troubleshooting ideas?

The only error I saw was this in the ambari log:

Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jaas_unix in java.library.path

@Colin Cunningham

This seems to be a BUG- Pls refer - [Hortonworks internal jira for reference]