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Ambari installation failed with no error message




I have some problem with ambari installation on 3 nodes cluster.

When I start installation on nodes it fails with empty error message.

There are no log messages, no ui messages.

I have set up ssh connection with public keys, disabled iptables.

And I do not have idea what can be go wrong in this situation.

Screenshot in attachement.



Have you checked the logs on the ambari server to see what that log shows?


There is only one error entry:

"05 Dec 2017 09:19:29, 312 ERROR [main] StackContext:217 - Could not load repo results"


@Rustam Fatkullin

It looks a permission issue, assuming you followed the host preparation steps on all the hosts especially on the Ambari host ,hint NEVER ignore any point in the official document !

# ssh-keygen 
# chmod 700 ~/.ssh 
# cat ~/.ssh/ >> authorized_keys 
# chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 

And copied the authorized_keys to all the other hosts in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Can you log on the other hosts successfully without a password from the ambari server? eg

# ssh root@host_b 
# ssh root@host_c 

Does your /etc/hosts entries on all the host have the 3 IP's/hostname/alias ?

In the Add Host Wizard

Target Host including the Ambari server should be FQDN

Host Registration Information ...copy and paste the ssh private key

SSH User Account root

SSH Port Number 22

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