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Ambari installation fails on Hive metastore - PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc - HELP!!!!!


Hi Hortonworks,

So I spent the better part of the weekend trying to install HDP Ambari and the related Hadoop components onto a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial.

As far as I can tell, I followed Hortonworks' documentation to a "T" (although admittedly, the documentation was not sometimes not very well organized and made finding the next step(s) difficult to follow).

Suffice to say, I was not able to get a successful installation. The Ambari installer failed - Every. Single. Time. - on the same part of the install: configuring Hive to an RDBMS for the metastore. Please see attached screenshots.

First, I tried using a MySQL instance DB for Hive. It failed at the same place. Next, I tried using a SINGLE DB (first Postgres, then MySQL) to configure Ambari and Hive within the same DB, and it failed at the same. I registered the RDBMS jdbc driver with ambari-server-setup per the instructions during each install. Also, for the installs I tried using a single DB, I also ran the DDL to create the Ambari tables.

I am all out of options to get this to work and am reaching out to the people that actually made the installer for help.





It appears that the solution for this issue - at least from the perspective of using MySQL for both Ambari and Hive - is found in a relatively obscure community thread.

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@John Doe

When you choose "Existing Database" option while installing services then you will need to setup the DB in advance and the steps are mentioned here for setting up Hive Database for Postgres/MySQL.

Hive with existing MySQL:

Hive with existing PostgreSQL:

If you still face any issue while setting up the Database or while installing service then please share the complete "/var/log/ambari-server.log" .

If the "Test Connection" is failing then please make sure that from you have done the following:

1. Setup the JDBC Driver on ambari server as mentioned in the above mentioned link and Restarted the ambari server after that?


On Ambari Server Host

# ambari-server setup --jdbc-db=postgres --jdbc-driver=/usr/share/java/postgresql-jdbc.jar

2. From the host where you are installing Hive Metastore and from the host where Ambari Server is installed please check if it is able to communicate to Postgres/MySQL hostname and port. (This is to isolate any Firewall or Port blocking issue).

Form AmbariServer Host and HiveMetastore host.

# telnet $POSTGRES_HOST 5432
# telnet $MYSQL_HOST 3306



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