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Ambari old version delete not working correctly

Ambari old version delete not working correctly

I executed the following rest api command to delete old versions of HDP.

Seems there is a bug in the script. the version is not getting deleted.A '/' is missing in the command that is to be executed for the cleaning.

Env used: Ambari - , HDP 2.6

curl 'http://ambarihost:8080/api/v1/clusters/cluster01/requests' -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By: ambari" -X POST -d'{"RequestInfo":{"context":"remove_previous_stacks", "action" : "remove_previous_stacks", "parameters" : {"version":""}}, "Requests/resource_filters": [{"hosts":"host1,host2,host3"}]}'	

Results are like this
2017-08-31 17:21:52,102 - call[('ambari-python-wrap', u'/usr/bin/hdp-select', 'versions')] {}
2017-08-31 17:21:52,156 - call returned (0, '\n2.4.0.0-169\n2.6.0.3-8')
2017-08-31 17:21:52,157 - available versions: ['', '', '']
2017-08-31 17:21:52,158 - version added to remove
2017-08-31 17:21:52,421 - Removing /usr/hdp/
2017-08-31 17:21:52,421 - Execute[('rm', '-f', '/usr/hdp2.3.2.0-2800')] {'sudo': True}

Command completed successfully!
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