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Ambari recommends large Hive Heap memory


Ambari recommends large Hive Heap memory



I'm working with a customer running Ambari and HDP Ambari is recommending a large value for Hiveserver2 heap memory (around 90 GB). From reading online, I see recommendations of capping this memory around 12 GB and scaling with multiple Hive servers. That's not an option for this client at the moment.

What are the considerations for increasing Hiveserver2 heap greater than 12 GB? Is there any reason not to simply go with the Ambari recommendation of 90 GB?



Re: Ambari recommends large Hive Heap memory

@Eddie Johnson

I noticed that too when you enable LLAP on HDP 2.5, but that is not really the recommended value, just some UI odd default value. However if you click the "Set Recommended" icon, the number proposed is more realistic to your available memory and number of daemons. Try that.


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