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Ambari-server installed and running but cannot access via brwoser

New Contributor

Hi I am testing out HDP on my local computer with a few virtual machines. I largely followed the spirit of this post: but I did not use Vagrant provision. Instead, I am using four virtual machines on Windows host.

Ambari server is up running on one of the vms already, but I cannot access from the browser of a fifth virtual machine (which I daily use for computing and development). I followed the general tips of diagnosis on this post: I can assure that SELinux and iptables are already disabled, and that the port is listened. However, if I telnet from my daily vm to the ambari server host it fails with "no route to host". What I can be sure of is that each vm can ssh into and ping one another.

all virtual machines are using NAT networking. Thanks in advance.


@Kevin Gao

I would create a new Host-only adapter and make sure it has allow all or at least allow vms permission.


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