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Ambari server is getting down ? Any trouble shooting steps to know actual reason ?


@Sankar T

any errors in the ambari server logs(ambari-server.log and ambari-server.out) ?

@sankar t

Please check your cat /etc/ambari-server/conf/ file to find out the correct path for your log files.



@Sankar T

The best place to start is the ambari-server logs. These can usually be found on:


Try to look at these logs (commands cat,less,more,etc) around the time that your ambari-server is going down to find more details

Hi @Sankar T ,

I hope you are concerned about ambari-server is not up and running. can you please tell us in comments specifically what issue you are facing . if you want to troubleshoot the issue yourself. i would suggest you refer this hortonworks document to start with :

Find out the error ,exception and search in our community for similar issues and solutions.

Hope your issue get resolved soon.


@Pedro Andrade @amarnath reddy pappu @Akhil S Naik - thanks for your quick reply.

I am seeing below statements repeatedly. unable to get exact error phrase/word. any help please . thanks in advance

[ambari-client-thread-9015] StackAdvisorRunner:** - Stack-advisor output=/var/run/ambari-server/stack-recommendations/2/stackadvisor.out, error=/var/run/ambari-server/stack-recommendations/2/stackadvisor.err

Rest all statements are INFO/WARN no error.

@Sankar T

Those are stack advisor error/messages. do you see stack trace in ambari-server log? usually stack advisor runs on config change and advise - some times that operation may fail.

@amarnath reddy pappu

- I don't see a log during failed period.

is there a way to know why logs are not written ?

@Sankar T stack advisor error should not bring down the cluster. check ambari-server.out log to see any errors


Ambari is not writting any log information. even ambari-server.out is also not having error log for that period.

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