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Ambari upgrade issue - database consistency issues for topology

Expert Contributor

I am trying to upgrade from ambari-2.2.1 to ambari-2.5.1. During upgrade it didn't throw any error and it completed successfully.

INFO: Updating Ambari Server properties in ...
INFO: Updating Ambari Server properties in ...
WARNING: Original file kept
INFO: Fixing database objects owner
Ambari Server configured for Embedded Postgres. Confirm you have made a backup of the Ambari Server database [y/n] (y)? y
INFO: Upgrading database schema
INFO: Return code from schema upgrade command, retcode = 0
INFO: Schema upgrade completed
Adjusting ambari-server permissions and ownership...
Ambari Server 'upgrade' completed successfully.

After upgrade , I restarted the ambari-server and it throws this error.

[root@usw2dxdpmn02 yum.repos.d]# ambari-server restart
Using python  /usr/bin/python
Restarting ambari-server
Waiting for server stop...
Ambari Server stopped
Ambari Server running with administrator privileges.
Organizing resource files at /var/lib/ambari-server/resources...
Ambari database consistency check started...
Server PID at: /var/run/ambari-server/
Server out at: /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.out
Server log at: /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log
Waiting for server start........................
DB configs consistency check failed. Run "ambari-server start --skip-database-check" to skip. You may try --auto-fix-database flag to attempt to fix issues automatically. If you use this "--skip-database-check" option, do not make any changes to your cluster topology or perform a cluster upgrade until you correct the database consistency issues. See /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server-check-database.log for more details on the consistency issues.
ERROR: Exiting with exit code -1.
REASON: Ambari Server java process has stopped. Please check the logs for more information.


I am able to restart ambari-server with --skip-database-check. What is the reason for this error and how do I fix it?


Super Guru
@Anandha L Ranganathan

There are some DB inconsistencies in Ambari database. Please do not add/remove any service or modify configuration without fixing database dependency. It can cause more issues.

Can you please upload ambari-server logs?

Expert Contributor

@Kuldeep Kulkarni - I have attached logs.

Expert Contributor

I have uploaded ambari-server.log and database-check.log

Please check if ambari-agents are up and working and check if they are having proper communication with ambari-server.

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