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Ambari view capacity-scheduler access fail

New Contributor

I have trouble accessing the capacity-scheduler view since I upgrade my Ambari to

When I try to access, ambari try to access to the cluster api : http://hostname:8080/api/v1/clusters/ClusterHortonworks/

My issue is that hostname should be "" but ambari try to access to "slnxdoihortonmaster01"

I don't find where can I change it ! on my "yarn-site.xml" the yarn.resourcemanager.hostname is right !

Did someone have the same trouble and fix it ?

Thanks community


Super Mentor

@Sébastien David

You can find the "yarn-site" inside the Ambari UI as following: http://ambarihostname:8080/#/main/services/YARN/configs

Ambari UI --> YARN (Left Panel) --> Configs (Tab) --> Advanced (child Tab) --> "Advanced yarn-site" --> "yarn.resourcemanager.hostname"<br>

After making the changes in the host name you will need to restart the required services showing in the ambari UI as "restart required"

However while specifying hostname (FQDN) there you will need to make sure that the mmentioned hostname should be resolved by all the cluster nodes and from Ambari server. Also better to check and verify the output of the following command on the resource manager host to see if we are getting desired hostname at the host level or not?

# hostname -f


Also if you can share the exact error that you are getting while opening the Capacity Scheduler view then that will give us more idea about the issue.


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