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Any major issues with Metron 0.4 in production?


Anyone has deployed Apache Metron 0.4 in production? Just want to know major bugs or issues with this beta version or its good to go with stable version.



Metron 0.4.0 hasn't been released yet.


its released..I'm done with installation also.


Metron Releases

Github is not the release venue for Apache projects. Metron 0.4.0 has NOT been release yet. The existence of a release branch does not designate that an official release, although it is made in preparation for such a release. Once the release branch has been created, there may still be changes as the release goes through further testing, or as issues are found that need to be addressed. Creating the release branch allows the project to continue progressing and accepting pull requests on master, while isolating the release, and accepting only critical, release blocking changes.

You are welcome to join the Metron Community and track the release, as all Metron business happens openly on the list ( such as voting for releases ) as is the Apache way.


While Otto is correct that the Apache release of Metron 0.4.0 is not yet released (but will be very shortly; it just passed its vote today), the HCP package (Hortonworks distribution of Metron) is released and running in production, based on 0.4.0 rc1 with some additional PRs included from the github version which bring it closer to the planned release version of 0.4.0.


Metron 0.4.0-release is working for me. The only bug I've seen is:

There's currently a bug in Metron 0.4.0 where Metron REST doesn't start when restarting the Metron services. This bug was fixed in METRON-990 ( but unfortunately, this fix didn't make the 0.4.0 release. In order to fix this, edit the file "/etc/rc.d/init.d/metron-rest" and on line 148, change "$0 start" to "$0 start $2".