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Any one configured SSSD with AD integration ?

Expert Contributor

I got HDP 2.5.3 installed. HA/Local MIT KDC enabled. I want to integrate it with AD using sssd. any good documentation available?


Expert Contributor

@Prabhu M thank you very much for your response. let me go through suggested links, it might take a while to read/understand/implement.

@Raja Sekhar Chintalapati

I have configured and been using for the last 2 years, I don't see any problem. Atricles provided by the @Prabhu M are good enough.

Expert Contributor

@SBandaru @Prabhu M question guys-- what is the best sequence to make env Kerborized Local KDC for SP & AD for UP with no SSL. As of now i got ENV up and running with no kerborisation.