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Anyone have Kylin working on HDP2.5?


Anyone have Kylin working on HDP2.5?

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Hi there,

Is there anyone have Kylin working well in HDP2.5?

For my case:

  • I've check all the services (Hadoop, Hbase, Ambari, etc) are working on docker container called "Sandbox"
  • So, I get into that container and successfully up and running the Kylin
  • Some ambiguous configs in HDP2.5:
    • First, I add port 7070 in "/root/start_scripts/"
docker run -v hadoop:/hadoop --name sandbox --hostname "" --privileged -d \
-p 7070:7070 \
docker exec -d sandbox /root/ 
docker exec -d sandbox /home/raj_ops/kylin/bin/ start
    • the Kylin is running and the port is listening at 7070
    • but when try to access the UI in browser, nothing happen
    • Second, I try to dig the iptables about the port forwarding from the host to container, but it's not that case
    • Third, try to get into these two files, hostconfig.json and config.v2.json in "/var/lib/docker/containers/974b2d95d74626793a437968dc3fe30ddc4197f5f71a9044c1c6ea970b6ae601/"
    • And trying to register the port there, and restart the container and the host, but nothing happen.

    Has anyone get successfully config Kylin in HDP2.5? Or what platform you've used to make Kylin working well? Thank you for any helps.


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    Re: Anyone have Kylin working on HDP2.5?

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