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Apache Atlas future release roadmap

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I am trying to find out when is next release of Apache Atlas is planned and what are the features expected in the release. Please guide if its documented somewhere.




Re: Apache Atlas future release roadmap


@Sumeet Dang

I think its too early to even talk of a new release on the HDP platform. The new HDP 3.0 has the Apache Atlas 1.0.0 whereas the has an Apache Atlas 1.1.0 as we talk.
But if you were keen and followed on of the biggest news in tech mergers between Hortonworks and Cloudera then I pretty sure you won't see any major release any major release pending the complete merger products from the 2 Hadoop monsters.

Being a user of both flavors I can say Atlas, Ranger, Zeppelin etc are impressive products that we will see in the next generation of "Horton Cloud" I should copyright that name :-)

Check some of the improvement in the next generation Atlas


Re: Apache Atlas future release roadmap


@Sumeet Dang

Can you update this thread, it's always nice to know whether my response helped and if it didn't what is the news status.

In the event it helped please take time and "Accept" the response to close the thread and enable other members to reference it