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Apache Atlas on Amazon EMR - Hive metadata


Apache Atlas on Amazon EMR - Hive metadata

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I'm trying to configure Apache Atlas on Amazon EMR. I have installed Apache Atlas 1.0.0 on Amazon EMR 5.27.0, using as reference the template provided in the article: In order to persist Atlas data outside the EMR cluster, so the data is not lost when the cluster shuts down, I have enabled Amazon S3 storage mode for HBase on EMR ( I have also configured Hive to use AWS Glue Data Catalog as its metastore. After importing Hive metadata into Atlas by running the "" script, Hive metadata could be listed on the Atlas interface. However, after shutting down the EMR cluster and then recreating it using the same settings, Hive metadata could not be fetched from the Atlas basic search interface, but only from the advanced search interface. Even after I run "" script again, the Hive metadata is not listed on Atlas basic search. Could anybody help me?

Thank you.


Re: Apache Atlas on Amazon EMR - Hive metadata

@deboras While we welcome your question, it is much better suited to the appropriate AWS forum for EMR.



Bill Brooks, Community Manager
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