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Apache Hbase File does not exist

Apache Hbase File does not exist


I have been trying to execute a command to use the RowCounter provided by Apache HBase, but it results into an Error:


FATAL [AsyncDispatcher event handler] org.apache.hadoop.yarn.event.AsyncDispatcher: Error in dispatcher thread
org.apache.hadoop.yarn.exceptions.YarnRuntimeException: File does not exist: hdfs://host:port/user/hdfs/.staging/job_1580471991089_6459/libjars/*


The command that I execute is the following:


/usr/hdp/ org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.RowCounter 'table_name'


I checked and the path hdfs://host:port/user/hdfs/.staging/job_1580471991089_6459/libjars/ exists and there are files there.Does anyone have any idea why this does not work?

Where does this path come from?Is there a configuration that could change it to hdfs://host:port/user/hdfs/.staging/job_1580471991089_6459/libjars/, without the * at the end?

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