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Apache Metron Installation for testing

New Contributor

Hello everyone, 


I am new to the world of cybersecurity and big data and I have been assigned with the task of trying to download Metron and test it on Ubuntu VM . 


The VM that I have does not support Virtualization and so I am unable to use the Single Node VM installation 


I am currently doing the installation with Ambari Mpack and following the instructions in the link below.

I am just needing to test metron use cases and so what is the minimum no of VM's on which I can install Metron and minimum number of Vm's to install Ambari . 

Does Metron need to be installed only on the node where Ambari server is installed apart from the VM dedicated for deploying Metron ?


Can I test Metron without using Ambari ? what are the minimum number of VM's required to input a syslog to Metron and see if it is able to ingest data and give me an output ?

If so could you point me to the documentation detailing the same?

It would be greatly appreciated. 

I understand these are basic questions that I need help with butI would appreciate it greatly if you could help me with it . @asubramanian 

Thank You