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Apache Metron MPack in HDP 3.0

Apache Metron MPack in HDP 3.0

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I have a Hadoop cluster with HDP 3.0 installed. I tried to build and install Apache Metron (v0.6) as MPack on the Ambari Server. The ambari-server install-mpack --mpack=/path/to/mpack.tar.gz --verbose seems to work, but I can't see Metron in the list of Services in my Ambari when starting the Ambari server.

I followed this instruction for building the MPack files:

Update: I just tried to add Metron on another cluster, running HDP 2.6 with Ambari 2.5.2, here it works!

Question: How can I install this MPack on HDP 3.0 with Ambari 2.7.1? Or is this not possible yet at the moment? Thank you for the help!