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Apache NiFi Processor Configure -nifi-api redirect issue

New Contributor

When we configure the processor, the redirection is happening for processors and not able to open the configuration part. We are able to open some of the processor options like status history, view usage, change color, data provenance etc. But configure requests are redirecting to /nifi-api with the URL adding 80 ports.


Apache NiFi runs on 8080 ports but the nifi-api request using 80 port, and this message shows in the NiFi dashboard when requested the configure, delete api call.

Unable to communicate with NiFi

Please ensure the application is running and check the logs for any errors.  

Need support to fix this port where and how its configured.

We are using nginx to proxy traffic on Nifi, I tried to add proxy headers but same result.

X-ProxyScheme - the scheme to use to connect to the proxy
X-ProxyHost - the host of the proxy
X-ProxyPort - the port the proxy is listening on
X-ProxyContextPath - the path configured to map to the NiFi instance

 can anyone help me to resolve this issue? 

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