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Apache NiFi Strange OutPut on ExecuteProccessor PowerShell

Apache NiFi Strange OutPut on ExecuteProccessor PowerShell



I am having a problem/issue for the last 4 days and i am stuck.

So i have a Processor that runs as PowerShell Script :

((Get-Counter -Counter  '\Process(MSTRSvr2_64)\Private Bytes').CounterSamples.CookedValue)

The output at the power-shell cmd line is different than the response i get in NiFi

the Full Cmd is :

$MSTRPrivateBytes = ((Get-Counter -Counter  '\Process(MSTRSvr2_64)\Private Bytes').CounterSamples.CookedValue) 
$HostName = $env:computername 
write-host "MSTRPrivateBytes,HostName=$HostName $MSTRPrivateBytes"

My Execute Stream CMD look like this :


Is there ant truncate involved ?

If i run manually it gives me the correct result, but in NiFi it is different !!!

I am using the same cmds to get other pointers but they work great only this one is giving me problems.

Any ideas ?

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