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Apache Nifi PutDynamoDb is not saving properties as colunm in the database


Hi all,


I have an issue when I try to persist any data in the DynamoDb when I use the PutDynamoDb processor. I create a data flow that start from a MySqlCDC and finishes on the DynamoDB, I do the data transformation along the way, and set the Hash Key in my flowfile attributes from EvalutationJSONPath processor.

Although, when the data is persisted in DynamoDb is in a wrong format, because instead each property create a column in the table, it's created only two objects, the first one is the hash key and the second a nested object called "$".


Here some images to clarify the understanding:

My PutDynamoDb config:



This is how the data is persisted in the DynamoDb



And this is how I would like to persist the data: